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Welcome to the Website of the University High School Band Boosters, Morgantown, WV! Announcements from the director may be found below. Use the above menu to navigate the website.


University High School Band Boosters

131 Bakers Ridge Road, Morgantown, WV 26505

2014 EVENT Calendar

Incoming Freshmen Frequently Asked Questions

Mark S. Palmer, director
Neil L. King, assistant director

Director's Comments

WVU Honor Bands will be held at the WVU CAC February 12-14.

The band will cover registration fees.

Details can be found HERE.

-MSP 2/10/15 7:05 am


Uniform turn-in is the week of January 26-30. Please bring in full uniforms, including the following:

Garment Bag
Hat Box


Students DO NOT need to have uniforms dry-cleaned. The band will take all uniforms to the dry cleaners.

All-State Band members will need to keep uniforms until after the All-State Concert in March, but All-State Orchestra members should turn their uniforms in this week.

Guard uniforms should also be returned at this time.

-MSP 1/26/15 8:15 am


Concert Band Scale Sheets:

Concert Pitch Treble Clef
Concert Pitch Bass Clef
Bb Instruments
Eb Instruments
F Instruments

-MSP 10/9/14 2:20 pm


The UHS Band Emergency Phone number is 304.282.2952. This phone will be held by a director, a member of the boosters, or a staff member at all band events when we travel away from the school.

Please ONLY use this number in the event of an emergency.

During rehearsals, the band office phone, 304.291.9275, is the best way to contact directors or students.

-MSP 7/9/14 12:30 pm


The Value of Music Education

-MSP 10/20/14 1:10 pm


Boosters President Bryan Shaffer now has the new UHS Band Email set up.  The address is The address book already set up and ready to use.  To access the account, go to and click on gmail.  The username is the email address and the password is Mrpalmer.

Everyone can use this to correspond to parents about issues.  If anyone has problems using this email, please contact Mr. Shaffer at to let him know.

-MSP 7/29/13 1:00 pm


It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of University High School Band family member Andrew Farris.

Drew has written the marching drill for the UHS Band for the past ten years, and was the architect of the UHS Color Guard's rise to prominence starting in 2003.

Drew was a tireless worker, highly creative, and always had a smile on his face. He will be greatly missed.

Drew...the UHS Band thanks you for your contributions to our successes over the last ten years. May you rest in peace.

-MSP 1/10/15 4:10 pm


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