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spring 2020

Last updated: 04/28/2020





Senior Awards, Plaques, and Banners:

Senior awards, plaques, and banners (from marching season) are in the band office, though we have not yet received the plates that go on the plaques with student names and activities.

We also haven't had the opportunity to have any engraving done, but that will happen as soon as businesses reopen.

How and when everything is distributed is still up in the air, but we promise all seniors will receive theirs.  

Assignments and Virtual Concert:

We will continue to have one listening assignment per week.

Playing assignments have change to the following:

We will put on a Virtual Concert at the end of the semester by recording and uploading “Disney Parade Sequence,” the UHS Fight Song, "Alma Mater" and “Pomp and Circumstance” for our seniors. Seniors may participate in “Pomp and Circumstance” if they wish, but it is not a requirement.


These four songs may be uploaded at the same time or over several days, but the deadline for all submissions will be the following:

Friday, April 24 - Disney Parade Sequence
Friday, May 1 - Fight Song
Friday, May 8 - Alma Mater

Friday, May 15 - Pomp and Circumstance


We would like to have video of everyone, but audio files will also be accepted. As a backup plan, we ask that you upload a picture of yourself…preferably playing, but any picture will work as long as it’s reasonable.


Music and Play Along Tracks are available in Google Classroom.


Percussion will have to improvise with ways to make good percussion sounds. Sting, Jimmy Kimmel, and The Roots give a great example of how to make music from home in THIS VIDEO. The only rule is that you must play the parts as written as much as possible, which may be a challenge at times. Mr. Orban is a percussion wizard. He can help if needed.

Guard will record their routines to "Disney Parade Sequence" and the UHS Fight Song." Katie can help with these. We are hopeful that we can fit video of everyone on the screen. Mr. Palmer’s limited video production skills may be a factor.


We have created separate "assignments" where individual songs can be turned in. The date of concert video release should be announced soon.


We will not collect underclassmen uniforms this year. All uniforms were to have been dry cleaned prior to our Disney trip, so those who were planning to travel with us should have clean uniforms.


For students who have grown enough that their uniforms no longer fit, we will issue another uniform at the start of the next school year.


Students must fill out our Uniform Information Google Form so we can determine that everyone has the uniform they are supposed to have.


Senior uniforms, tuxes, and gowns will be collected at a time TBD once we have more clarity about how we will be allowed to go about doing so.

Dry cleaning deposits will roll over to the 2020-2021 school year.


Florida Trip:

All information posted on the website on March 20 is still valid:


Our travel agent, Rita Slane, has continued her contact with Disney, Universal Orlando, and Anderson Coach and Travel.

At this point, all parties have our Orlando trip TENTATIVELY rescheduled for Thursday, September 24 through Monday, September 28. Any travel would have to be approved by our board office.

In the event that we cannot attend on the dates listed, we WILL be able to either reschedule or receive a refund.

Mr. Palmer will inquire about the possibility of including recent graduates on our trip. There are no guarantees that this will be permitted, but at the very least, we do know that anyone unable to travel with us will receive a refund.

Please also note that while UHS does NOT have a home football game that weekend, our travel dates do coincide with WVU Homecoming.


Additionally, incoming freshmen will be invited to participate. NO ONE IS REQUIRED TO ATTEND. Our current plan is to keep the current schedule of a Florida trip happening on leap years, so the class of 2024 will also to opportunity to travel to Florida as seniors if they cannot attend as freshmen.


A payment schedule will be announced when there is more clarity about the trip in general. At this point, however, there are too many uncertainties to comment further.

Field Commander Auditions:

2020-2021 Field Commander Auditions will be held via Google Meet on Tuesday, May 19 at 2:00 pm. The criteria will be the same as in previous years. Mr. Palmer will post links to the required audition music soon.


Percussion Auditions:


Equipment was distributed April 23 and 24. Any current UHS Band percussionists who need equipment should contact Mr. Palmer at


The percussion packet and audition information can be found HERE.

Percussionists will need to complete this Google Form and record a video of themselves playing exercises on video with a metronome.


Required music:

1) 16th Note Timing (Letters B, C, & G) @ 120 bpm

2) Accent Tap (ff to mp; or 12in to 3in) @ 135 bpm

3) Triplet Rolls (Letter B - f to mp; or 9in to 3in) @ 160 bpm


Recordings will be due Friday, May 15 at 11:59 pm.

Guard Auditions:


Equipment was distributed April 23 and 24.

All returning guard members, and anyone wishing to audition for 2020-2021 guard should contact Katie Smith at so that she can set up a Google Classroom to share updated guard information. Anyone who still needs guard equipment can also contact Katie via email. 

Returning guard members will not be required to re-audition, and leadership positions will be determined at a later date.

Incoming freshmen and UHS Band members not currently in guard will be auditioned digitally.

An audition date will be set soon.

Summer Calendar:

Until we hear differently, the UHS Band Summer Calendar published February 15 is unchanged. However, there is a possibility we will need to adjust it.

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